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In our approach we provide our clients with independent and technology agnostic services in order to support their journey and their particular circumstances.

We follow structured approach when engaging our clients and delivering our projects:

  • Discuss Requirements

  • Agree Statement of Work & Delivery Options

    • Time and Material​

    • Fixed Cost Delivery 

    • Milestone Payments 

  • Launch Project

    • Project Governance (PMO)​

    • Project Methodology

Discovery Phase:

  • Solution Feasibility

  • Software Evaluation & Selection

  • Business Case Development

  • Data Regulatory Compliance

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Implementation Phase:

  • Processes Definitions

  • Reports Development

  • Software Configurations

  • Technical Architecture

  • Integration

  • Business Change

  • Test Management

  • Training Strategy & Delivery

  • Cutover Services

  • Early Life Support

Rollout Phase:

  • Solution Blueprint

  • Rollout Strategy

  • Rollout Toolkit

  • Site Implementation

  • Data Migration

  • Cutover

  • Go Live

  • Support

Business Presentation
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Improvement Phase:

  • Upgrades

  • Replacements

  • Customisations

  • Remote Support/Intervention

Remote Assistant (E-Helpers):

  • ERP Functional Consultancy

  • Database Administration

  • Reports Development

  • Data Migration

Sales Agent
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