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Military Aircraft

Defence, Aerospace & Maritime

Defence, Aerospace & Maritime

  • Global Engineering organisation with 50,000 employees across 30 factories in 60 countries

  • Outsourcing back office services (HR / Finance / Procurement) to India

  • Defence Regulations (MODII / CUI) Compliance

  • Merger & Integration

  • PLM (Teamcenter) Implementation & Rollout

  • ERP Improvements (Infor / SAS BI)


Children Fostering Agency

Children Fostering Agency

  • Large UK fostering agency with 1,500 staff and 8 regional offices

  • Business process harmonisation

  • ERP Blueprint Development

  • Multi site rollouts (8 UK regions)

High Speed Train

Rail Infrastructure – Asset Maintenance

Rail Infrastructure – Asset Maintenance

  • Small maintenance organisation with sites in US and Europe

  • ERP Implementation

  • ERP - IFS Software Implementation

  • Business Improvements

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  • Global organisation – 15,000 employees across 20 countries

  • ERP Implementation

  • Blueprint

  • ERP - IFS Software Implementation

  • Rollout



HR Software Evaluation & Selection to manage 3000 staff and over 20,000 volunteers. Independent advisory services to select appropriate vendor and delivery partners.


Business transformation, planning and risk mitigation services at CXO level. Working with the leadership team to develop E-Care strategy, processes, systems and right culture.

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Feasibility for upgrading current ERP version and the development of business case.
Senior stakeholder and multiple vendors management.

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Helping the IT organisation with bench-marking their IFS installation and identifying how the team can improve the IFS-Oracle setup and performance. Conducting a comprehensive health check for the business, covering over 30 IFS & Oracle parameters and configurations and providing long term assistance plan and knowledge transfer.

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Conducting a comprehensive health check for the business, covering both IFS & Oracle. Validating current IFS functionality and set-up and providing recommendations on best practice.

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Bespoke educational sessions to improve knowledge for certain modules in IFS APPS 8.

Sectors & Clients : Testimonials

Conducting a comprehensive health check covering IFS & Oracle as well as validating current IFS functionality. Providing support on an hourly on-demand basis. Raising awareness of specific functionality and improving knowledge for specific areas, including Purchasing, Projects, Finance and HR.

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Assisting the internal roll-out team with validating financial set-up roles and IFS localisation.
Training internal resources on IFS new functionality. Validating and refining the cut-over plan for go-live and further assisting internal team during the go-live phase through remote support and onsite hand-holding.

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Global ERP implementation. Project management and consultancy advisory services to mobilise the organisation and deliver ERP solution to multiple sites.

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Wireless Connectivity Optimisation (Feasibility Study)
WiMax service delivery ineffective due to large numbers of users connecting to major wireless hotspot antennas simultaneously. Although efforts were made by LTT to counter large numbers of connections in densely populated areas, service delivery still remains ineffective and slow. Study carried out to look at cost effective options and plans.

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Provision of IT Project Management Methodology Training.

Stakeholders were trained on key fundamentals of IT project management using PRINCEII & Agile case studies


  • Project Management Office

  • Charters

  • Planning

  • RAID

  • Mobilisation

  • Business Case Studies

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